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Why is Spring AC Tune Up Necessary?

With the weather slowly getting warmer, you need to make sure that your property is in good shape for the approaching season. And, once the temperatures start going high, one of the most important things to that you need to rely on this summer is your air conditioner. That is why your unit should be at the top of its game and the best way to ensure this is AC maintenance. 

Regular maintenance includes about an hour long professional tune up and cleaning by an AC technician. Benefits of it are many, so do not hesitate to schedule it on time this spring. Let’s look at some of the most important reasons why you should do it.

Can you imagine what is like to be without your air con in the middle of the summer? Apart from feeling uncomfortable, the situation can be also financially inconvenient as AC repairs are mostly very expensive. During a regular check up, an AC technician will inspect and detect and repair any small issues before they become bigger, more serious and also more costly problems. These include fixing and tightening electrical connections, lubricating moving parts to ensure their smooth operation, checking and cleaning the evaporator, condenser coils, condensate pipes and air filters, checking the refrigerant levels and thermostat etc. 

The smoother your air conditioner functions, the more efficient it is. Dirty air filters, clogged condensers, insufficient refrigerant levels and other issues will make your unit run longer and longer to be able to cool your rooms properly, using much more energy than needed. A clean and tuned up AC unit does not consume that much energy. It is proved that with a proper maintenance you can reduce your energy bill by up to 20%. It is worth it, so do not skip it!

Moreover, regular maintenance can prolong your air conditioners’ lifespan. In case of any problems, your air conditioning unit needs to work much harder which can easier wear out its’ components. During annual check up, all these parts are checked, tuned up or replaced and this can prolong your unit’s life by up to 5 years. 

Also, most major AC manufacturers can void any warranties for repairing defective parts or entire units if they are not maintained by professional technicians as they know that your AC will not need warranty if maintained properly. Have a look at your warranty clause ‘Eligibility Requirements’ or ‘Exclusions’.

These are all the reasons why we recommend you to get your AC tuned up before the summer season starts. Many people will not think about their air conditioners before there is a problem which means that summer can be the busiest time for AC technicians. Get your AC checked up in spring and have peace of mind.