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We service and repair air conditioning units in all major cities across Australia, including: Yass, Canberra, Eurobodalla, Shoalhaven and Sapphire.

Regular servicing of your air conditioner can extend the lifespan of your system and keep it functioning at optimal efficiency.

Save Up to 25% on Air Conditioning Heating and Cooling Costs

Air conditioning and heating systems are usually the biggest consumer of electricity in your home. When operating at peak efficiency they can raise your monthly energy costs by up to 25%.

An average of 40% of the energy used in an Australian home is expended on heating and cooling.

Maintain High Performance and Save on Power

Your air conditioning and heating unit loses around 5% of its efficiency for each year that it runs without professional maintenance. Proper care including air conditioning services and heating services every six to 12 months can keep that unit running at up to 96% of its original efficiency over a longer period. Dirt or lack of maintenance of parts can cause a system to run inefficiently sometimes with units operating at only 40% of their capacities. It is extremely important that the coolant or Freon level of a system is tested frequently. Even as much as a 10% loss of Freon or coolant can lead to the energy consumption of your home or business to increase exponentially.

Double Lifespan

Proper maintenance effectively doubles the life span of the average residential air conditioners, heating as well as ducted heating systems.

Minimise Health Risks

Many of the health risks that are associated with poor air quality can be greatly reduced or eliminated with proper air conditioning, heating and ducted heating system installation and maintenance.

Qualified Heating and Cooling Technicians

Touie Smith Sales and Service technicians are qualified and experienced in repairing and servicing all major brands and types of air conditioning, heating and ducted heating systems. Learn more about our services and repairs


CO Testing

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a gas with no odour or colour, CO is very hard to detect. CO leaks can occur in cases where your gas heaters are not regularly serviced and maintained. CO leaks can lead to poisoning, loss of consciousness, confusion and death. To prevent this from happening, it is recommended that you have your gas heaters serviced and tested by a professional gas technician once a year.

Touie Smith Sales and Service test for CO leaks on all your home heating appliances and conduct all necessary repairs. Call us today for CO safety check.

We Service & Repair ALL major Air Conditioning, Gas Heating and Evaporative Cooling Systems.

Improve Performance, Save on Electricity and Save on Repairs

A regular service of your Heating and Cooling Systems every six to twelve months before winter and summer is important. Ensuring regualr servicing can save you a lot of money and prevent costly breakdowns in the long run.

Save on your Warranty

Factory warranty may be void if you neglect to maintain your system. Many manufacturers require annual maintenance for the warranty of your system to be honoured.

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The convenience begins now! With our online booking form you could have a TS Sales and Service service technician at your place for an air conditioning service or repair in as little as 24 hours, depending on our availability.

Beat the Heat this Summer

Summer in Australia can be absolutely painful some days! If you don't already have an air conditioner, you'll definitely be wanting one. Air conditioners are one of the most economical ways to heat or cool your home with the added bonus of purified air and mediated moisture and humidity levels, ensuring ultimate comfort in your home.

TS Sales and Service are approved suppliers of Mitsubishi Electric and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries systems. This means that we can facilitate the supply and installation of your new system. Give us a call at (02) 6226 1193 or enquire online to speak to our friendly team about what you need.

In addition, we service, repair and perform changeover of quantum hot water systems, also known as heat pumps. A few other terms are: quantum energy, quantum heat pumps, electric, solar hot water.

TS Sales and Service is also specialized in solar panel cleaning.