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The Importance Of Keeping Your Air Conditioner Filters Clean

There is an air-conditioner is every house and keeping it clean is very important for the proper functioning of the air-conditioning system. Air-conditioning filters are in charge of keeping dust out of home and providing clean, cool air.

If you want your air-conditioning system in Sydney to work perfectly, you have to take care of its filters, coils and fins and maintain them regularly. Neglecting this necessary maintenance will have negative impact on the performance of the system causing it to work ineffectively and thus affects the quality of air inside the house. This will put people with allergies and asthma at greater risk and also make energy bills higher.

Changing the AC filter is generally quick and easy job and in most of the cases you can do it yourself at home. The important thing is to choose the proper size of the filter. If you are not sure of the size the best way to find out is to check the filter that is already installed.
When removing the old filter, make sure that the HVAC system is turned off. After removing it, you should look at it closely. It is normal to see dust and dirt, but if you see mold, mildew and dampness, you might have a condensation problem or there is a leak in your system. In these cases it’s better to call a professional for air-conditioning in Sydney, because it can cause circulation of an unhealthy air through your house.
When you put the new filter in place, take care of the arrow on the frame indicating the direction of the airflow.

There are different types of filters. Some of them are reusable. You should clean them the way that the manufacturer has recommended. This usually involves cleaning them with a hose, vacuum attachment or compressed air. Most of the filters are designed to last for a month. There are also those that can last for up to three months, but they can clog up early due to some other factors in your home. If you smoke at home, use a wood fireplace, have pets or have poor local air quality, it will definitely contribute to frequent filter clogs and you will have to change them more often.

If your AC filters are dirty and clogged, the energy efficiency of your air-conditioner will decline. This wasted energy will pollute the environment and add to greenhouse gas emissions, which will contribute to global warming.
If your AC filters are clean, it will speed up the cooling process and therefore reduce the need for having the air-conditioner on for a long time. This will also reduce your power bills.

Keeping air-conditioner filters clean and dust-free will improve the quality of air at your house and prevent any kind of lung and breathing disorders, such as asthma, allergies and similar diseases.

So, having clean AC filters is of great importance and replacing or cleaning them is a critical maintenance task but when your air conditioner in Sydney needs more than just regular maintenance, hire a professional service technician.