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Having reliable and dependable air conditioning systems are a necessity if you want to have your homes comfortable all year round. Prevention is better than cure, so you need to make sure that your units are regularly maintained if you want to avoid costly repairs and replacements. Our experienced and knowledgeable team at Touie Smith can help you prevent poor and costly performance and major damages to your systems by offering the highest quality air conditioning services. Regular AC maintenance isn’t just the key to prolonging lives of your systems but also ensuring that the air you and your family breathe in is clean. There are several health risks which are associated with poor air quality, and these are risks that can be mitigated or eliminated with our annual air conditioning services in Canberra.

Prevent a Costly Breakdown

Air conditioner breakdowns can lead to costly repairs where new parts and extensive labour are required. Maintenance services of your units every 6 to 12 months can save you from having to buy a new system or pay for expensive repairs. For this and all other AC services in Canberra, rely on our dedicated team of experts who will provide you with the most professional and timely service, ensuring that your systems function at their best. For all air conditioning services in Canberra, book an appointment right here.

We Service and Repair All Major Brands of Air Conditioning Systems 

Don’t worry if your AC unit is not from a major brand – the vast scope and range of makes and models that our technicians are familiar with means that we are usually able to help regardless of the type, brand or age of your model. They bring all necessary parts and material with them so they can return your systems back to normal quickly and on the spot. They will perform the highest quality repair or replacement, paying constant attention to your individual requirements, budget and satisfaction. Learn more about the brands that we service.

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