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Get Your Heating Unit Ready

The heating season is starting in Australia. And, if you haven’t arranged an annual preventive heating service, it is the time to do it. Heating maintenance is vital for the most efficient performance of your heating units which can save you a significant amount of money on energy costs. Also, it can reduce heating repair requirements. And, most importantly, it will ensure your family’s safety. It is true that new heating systems are safer than ever, featuring components that can prevent hazardous situations. However, no heating system is totally safe and occasionally things can go wrong, such is the case of a fire or carbon monoxide leak. A thorough check up from an experienced technician will ensure a proper and efficient operation of your heating systems, enabling you also to avoid dangerous situations in your home. 

A qualified heating technician will conduct a detailed heating service, including cleaning and tune up of your unit which consists of the following: 
-    Oil moving parts of your unit to prevent abrasion which can slow down your system and increase your energy costs.
-    Maintain control of gas pressure and burner combustion ensuring secure and optimal performance of your unit.
-    Check gas and electrical wiring to mitigate the possibility of fire, leaks, etc.
-    Inspect the motor and duct connections and fix it if required.
-    Ensure proper air flow checking the vents and caps.
-    Conduct testing for possible carbon dioxide leaks.
-    Check your thermostat accuracy. 

After a professional heating service, once your system is tuned up, there are still a few more things that you can do yourself before being completely ready for the winter months. 
Stock up on heating filters, so you are ready to replace them once they get dirty. Do not forget to check them out once a month. Replacing them on time will prevent dust accumulation in your unit and improve your indoor air quality.
Clean the area around your unit. Make sure that dust is regularly removed and that the access panel is always reachable. Keep flammable objects at least 4 metres away from the unit. Check out your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors a few times a year and change the batteries at least once a year. Change the direction of your ceiling fans to enable better flow of warm air collected near the ceiling which will improve the efficiency of your system.
Prevention of dangerous heating issues and expensive repairs will save you money and ensure safety in your home. So, make sure you arrange a regular heating service on time to feel warm and safe this winter.