Ducted systems

Daikin Ducted System

A ducted system provides you with reverse cycle heating and cooling in as many rooms as you would like with up to 8 zones from a single controller.

Premium Inverter System

These units range from a 5Kw to 16Kw in Single Phase and 10Kw to 25Kw in Three Phase. With superior energy performance compared to the standard inverter system, there is also the R22 retrofit capability option where the system can be retrofitted onto an existing R22 system by replacing the indoor and outdoor units whilst leaving the old piping.

Standard Inverter System

Units range from 7Kw to 16Kw in Single Phase and 20Kw to 25Kw in Three Phase. These systems have been designed with compact casing for ideal installation into the tight roof spaces of many homes.

Slim Line Ducted System

With a compact 300mm high indoor unit these systems haven been designed to suit modern commercial and apartment installations as well as homes with limited roof space.

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